Speculating about Young Justice

It seems that there isn’t going to be a new episode of Young Justice tonight, which makes me a sad panda. I need my weekly dose of Greg Weismen, but if I went all those months between the last of Spectacular Spider-Man and now, then I guess I can endure a few more weeks.

But, to help the time along, I’m going to blog about Artemis. See, when I first heard that Artemis was going to appear in the show, I thought ‘cool, a Wonder Woman supporting character is going to be in the show and it’s not the obvious choice of Donna Troy; can’t wait to see how this works out’.  I apparently missed the memo that this character wasn’t related to Wonder Woman, but Green Arrow. So imagine my surprise when she appeared and said she was Green Arrow’s niece!

Yet the end of the episode has Speedy/Red Arrow say that she is not his niece. That, coupled with her hinted relationship with Cheshire lead me to one train of thought: “…Lian?”. Seriously, the episode Artemis debuts in has Red Arrow and Cheshire in it and maybe I’m looking into it too much or maybe this isn’t a coincident. After all, according to Mr. Weismen, Artemis is half-Vietnamese, half-Caucasian, which fits Lian as well (sort of; Cheshire is half-French in the comics so Lian is technically only one-fourth Vietnamese, but I wouldn’t put it past her heritage being changed for this version). Okay, so Lian has black hair, but Artemis could have dyed her hair to make it seem like she was actually related to Green Arrow.

Alright, it’s a stretch and it would involve some awesome time-travelling arch to pull the story off, but single-father Roy is one of my favorite aspects of DC Comics (and makes me hate me Cry for Justice all the more!) and I would love to see that part of him appear in any adaption…with Lian not dying, of course. I just want to see Roy and the rest of the heroes deal with Lian, which always seemed to make them become more of a family in my opinion. So maybe I’m projecting my desires onto Artemis.

…So I’m going to instead support this other theory about Artemis’s identity. I was browsing through TVTropes Wild Mass Guessing page and came across one that said “Artemis is Linda Park’. And then I said “that is brilliant!’. Okay, so Linda is Korean, if Spectacular Spiderman has shown me anything, it is that Mr. Weismen is willing to change the races of characters for his stories. Also, it seems pretty obvious that Artemis is the ‘spitfire that won’t let Wally get away with anything’ that is mentioned in Denial and if I recall correctly, Linda and Wally didn’t exactly hit off right away in the comics either. Alright, so she might not be Linda, but it’s more likely than Lian.

Also, I have decided to dub Denial the ‘Gargoyles Reniun Episode’: we have Jeff Bennet/Brooklyn/Owen as Red Tornado, Ed Asner/Hudson as Kent Nelson, Thom Adcox-Hernandez/Lexington is Klarion the Witch Boy and even Madame Xanadu from the opening is Cree Summer/Hyena. I know that Marina Sirtis/Demona is vocing Queen Bee later on, and I would personally put money of Clancy Brown/Hakon/Wolf, Keith David/Goliath, or Kath Soucie/The Weird Sisters/Princess Katherine/Maggie appearing later. Actually, come to think of it, Tim Curry also did Doctor Sevarius so he’ll probably return as well and it would be awesome if they got Jonathan Franks/Xanatos and John Rhys-Davis/Macbeth to voice someone as well…oh, I’m just going to quit betting and just wait and see what voices appear, but I will bet that somehow, someway Mr. Weismen will include Shakespeare in somehow. That I would actually put money to.


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